Thursday, May 30, 2013

Speed up your computer for browsing, chatting, listening to music, and other tasks.

These days it seems that people want to Multitask with their computers.  I think back to when I started using computers and you were lucky if you could keep your computer from crashing when listening to music while surfing the net.

With modern multicore processors, and RAM being affordable, Multitasking is more or less the norm.  Sometimes things can accidently get installed which can negatively affect how your computer runs.  These weather widgets, or messengers that think they have to be running 24/7 suck system resources causing your computer to bog down when you want to complete other tasks.  This is true of both multicore processors with a plethora of RAM, and single core CPUs with the bare minimum of RAM for the operating system.

So how do you get rid of these programs that always seem to start up with Windows?  I have made a video at which will walk you through the basics of how to keep your computer running well.

For more informative answers, feel free to visit the FAQ on Advanced Solutions In Technology's website.

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